Saturday, January 14, 2012

In Finland we have this thing called food, pt 2

I'm almost freaking out, have had so much fun looking for more awesome pictures of Finnish food from This time some of them are on the verge of being some kind of abstract art really.
I also absolutely adore the Finnish way of "telling it like it is" also when it comes to food: "PIZZA SAUCE, HOT AND GOOD", and a picture of the sauce in a plastic bowl with stains on the sides. Or then, "Pizza sauce, ordinary" accompanied by a hilariously plain and unretouched photo.

Creamy champignon mushroom sauce

An inspiring plate of mashed potatoes, the obligatory fridge-cold and dry/watery, tasteless slices of cucumber and a brown unidentified food item

EASILY one of my favorite pics of the day. Did we land on the moon? WHAT IS IT?
It is a "sweet omelette". Who would have known?

This one, a "sausage omelette" also deserves a place in the art department.
Or then, we could just sing: "We are sausages and we're ok."

Once upon a time there was a meatball sauce, I'd call it "Dreamy meatball sauce" or "Can you imagine there's meatballs in your sauce"-sauce

A "tell it like it is" curry sauce. You could also easily just have taken a picture of a yellow wall and called it a curry sauce. No-one would have noticed any difference.
A curry sauce is a curry sauce is a curry sauce.
Say it.

Pyttipannu, a hodge-podge of potato & Finnish sausage. No alarms and no surprises.

In Finland we also have this geometrically square formed fish called pollock.

Another "tell it like it is"-sauce, this time a pizza sauce, "hot and good".

This one, on the other hand, is an "ordinary" pizza sauce.


Caj said...

Åh, hahaha, jag älskar dina matinlägg!

Vihreä Lotta said...

Hahah. Tack. Jag älskar finsk mat.

jorg wobblington lopez said...

The hot and good looks pretty good, but I wouldn't touch the ordinary stuff. It just looks strange.