Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why Jesus?

When the muslims take over, they will shoot all gays and transvestites.
At the same time tens of nuclear plants will explode
and the Russians will find a red button that has been forgotten since Gorbatjov.
And the Kyoto protocol will be accidentally burned in Bush´s fireplace
and the ices in the south pole will melt from the heat and
the water at the coasts of Finland will rise several meters
tha bridges will collapse an in the fall take tens or twenty of wind-mills with them
Then Jesus will come and apologize he didn´t turn up earlier
but someone had put eco-bananas in the trombones
so the angels couldn´t blow
They were all alcoholics anyway.
Then Christian Morgenstern will rise from the dead and say:

Der Zwölf-Elf kam auf sein Problem
und sprach: Ich heiße unbequem.

I´ll still be playing accordion.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The terrible ballade about life and it´s wrong-sides

I wish i had a nail in my forehead, so that I could hang myself on the walls and unnoticed spend my days and afternoons in cantines and offices. I wish I had a loudspeaker in my throat and a play-button right outside, so that people could push it and listen to randomly recorded sayings about the world, either from a right- or a left-wing perspective.

The grasshoppers can listen to my moanings at night, in the evenings I will light a red lamp at the terrace, and then I´ll sit there quiet and ponder. My bed is 90 x 200 cm, that´s enough for a person not more than 170 x 70 cm. I will die slowly, but that´s the purpose. Life is for those who can give themselves to other people, who can read papers or work in offices, who can bring out garbage and dishwash and dry floors and greet their friends without being infected by the terrible meaninglessness that´s pushing on the temples. Life is for those who can fight for what they believe in, or who can do things for other´s wellbeing.
They can live. There´s enough of them.

The intelligent thought of the week

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A new idol in my collection of old ladies

I have a new person in my collection of elderly women that I admire.

Kristin Olsoni was the first one that I happened to see in a TV-show. Then I have heard and seen her plays in the Klockrike-theater and share her interest and admire for the Swedish author Harry Martinsson.

Vivi-Ann Sjögren made me want to go to Mexico instantly by her very good and insightful book about her trip to Mexico in the 90's. She has what very few authors have – an understanding for what it is to be HUMAN in the world and how we can connect with other people in the way of being all the same for real. I've read lots of of books written by regular travelers, but they usually sort of shield themselves from the country they are traveling in and write about the place in a foreigner's point of view. Sjögren knows how to describe new places with that same unique eye that you have in your own back-yard.

And now, let me proudly present my new idol; Kitty Tennberg.
Kitty is an artist who has kept an understanding for what's good in the world and I knew when I met her that we had the same relation to and love for animals. She was that sort of person that I would love to take to an island and paint with for several days.

Tennbergs pictures from 1986 - 1994 in Grand, Porvoo until 28.3.

P.S. Do I sound enough like a stupid cultural reporter now??
HAHAHAHAAAaaaaa. Promise to get more unfocused in the close future.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday, March 01, 2008

This is Finland

In Finland they have now decided to take this man above away from Fazer´s liquorice bars and replace him with a more neutral picture.
In Finland it´s easy to get 16 000 names when you want to keep this man on Fazer´s liquorice bars, but when the government send refugees home to face an almost secure death, almost no people react, no names no nothing.
In Finland the Swedish newspaper HBL interviews five white people from the street when they want to have an opinion about what people feel about taking away the liquorice face. FIVE WHITE PEOPLE. What I would be interested in hearing, and what I think makes more sense in this whole stupid rhumba, is what the liquorice colored people would have to say about this.