Friday, December 31, 2010

To feel something

When I want to feel something, I read my childhood friend's blogs. They write about their many children, how they fill their days with cleaning out extra rooms, how they prepare every fucking feast that is coming up, how little time there is, how lucky they are, what food they make, what cakes they bake and how it didn't turn out well but how good it was anyway. Then they show pictures of their children that all look the same in their giant luxurious houses that also look the same.
Then, at least, I feel something.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

cuz chocolate is better

Once upon a time I had the will power to start and end projects.
Haha, what a terrible lie. I was always like this. Chocolate just tastes better.
In the end of next week, I will be done anyway.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


"Jaså, du studerar musikvetenskap"
"Att va ska jag med det liksom?"
Ajo, jag glömde ju det där om mål med livet. Jag har ju kommit förbi åldern då man bara provar på saker. Hur kunde jag glömma en sån sak? Så oeftertänkt av mig.


Sunday, December 05, 2010


4 things

Can I still write some silly things in between, even if the Christmas calendar is going on? I guess so, it's my own blog.
I copied this list from Orangutant but I'll do it in English, just for the practice.

4 TV-shows I'm watching
Top Chef
The Office
Peep show
The Fashion Show 2

4 things I've done today
Watched a drunk girl almost stumble over an old woman
Made a chicken soup for the first time in my life (it even was ok)
Held my hand over a shivering body
Learned about an old greek folk music style, rebetiko

4 things I long for
A bigger apartment
Trying a concertina
The morning

4 things on my wishing list
A lifelong supply of Daim
A lifelong supply of Mexican food
A lifelong supply of a changing subject every year
A concertina