Thursday, January 15, 2009

Working is for people who have nothing better to do

--Oscar Wilde

£1 I think the border between "outside" an "inside" should be more diffuse. I could live with sand on my floor. I think sofas on the street is beautiful.

£2 When I listen to most people, I hear the words but I can´t put them together and form an understandable sentence. That´s because most people are so full of shit.

£3 I have started to enjoy being unhealthy which concerns me slightly, cause when you´re approaching 30 unhealthy life leaves tracks, but who cares anyway.

£4 Sometimes I giggle at my own jokes for minutes.

£5 People that use a lot of spiral-shapes in their drawings are self-centered as hell and I did spirals before I could talk.

£6 I am bleeding from my heel right now. What a weird place to bleed from. I didn´t even notice I scratched myself that hard.

£7 My favourite complaint-subject for now is the working hours and the whole concept of working. That´s because I have a job.

£8 If I ever went to a job-terapeut I would tell him I want to become a job-terapeut

£9 I sometimes am on the verge of puking when I smell the breath of children

£10 There isn´t really any taste or consistence that I don´t like when it comes to food.

£11 I see through my false insights about life faster than I produce them

£12 Today´s world is really funny. Hahhahhahahahhaha.

£13 I made my grandma cry when I was 1,5 years old and sang "Vagga gunga gå gå". I write "1,5 years old" because in that age half a year still matters. Hell I wish I was 99,5 years old.

£14 I like saying "Je ne regrette rien" and I can act like I really live up to it. In fact there is a truckload of things I regret.

£15 I think the coolest things you can do are uncool things, what ever uncool and cool things are.

£16 It´s funny to see what all life has to offer. Hey, there comes a depression!

£17 I wish I could talk more

£18 I wonder if people hear music differently. I wish I could move into a head that likes the music of Scooter for a day just to see what it would feel like

£19 I´ve spent a night under a circus-wagon. I wanted to ask the circus people if there was a possibility to sleep over at someone´s place (cause circus-people are COOL), but ended up not daring. That story could illustrate my whole life.

£20 When someone´s critisizing what I´ve done it feels like I´ve puked on a plate and someone´s saying YOU HAVE EATEN SHIT, I KNEW IT YOU NASTY BITCH!!

£21 I was much more creative when I didn´t know what the word creative meant

£22 Admitting your weaknesses is the first step towards getting stronger, to hell with that, I knew my weaknesses when I was 12 and nothing has changed.

£23 I stopped trying to be a good person when I realised I wish most people the worst.

£24 Finding out new ways to say things is orgasmic

£25 The thought of a world without words and with communication through paper-blocks turns me on, but in reality, that´s just stupid.


julochka said...

i love #11, #15 and #21--

thanks for stopping by my old post on hating sentimentality. you're most welcome to use what you'd like of it for your song. but i suspect you have better words in your than i did. :-)

this is a great list and i really love lists.


ponks said...

haha. thanks! i used the line "i´m so sick of the sentimentality" by the way. i´ll send you the song when it´s finished!