Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pets and people

Sometimes I think the human race must be one of the most stupid species there is on earth. Why do people want to see interaction between a dog and a bird, when in the first place, there would never exist a situation like the one in the film above in nature?
Of course it´s totally possible that a bird and a dog can form a perfectly healthy and nice relationship that they both enjoy, but that happens when it comes naturally and not in the sick and forced humanized way that we see above.
Is it because we consider these animals "ours" and they are sitting in our sofas, that we want them to be just like us and want them to get along just like humans do?
There are dozens of these kinds of videos all over YouTube, and I cannot do anything else than just feel sick about all this, as I have two cockatiels and sometimes watch videos of other cockatiels just to see what other birds do.

In the video below you can see another example, when a cockatiel owner wants his bird to sing while listening to another bird singing, and while HE IS POKING TOWARDS HIS OWN BIRD WITH HIS INDEX FINGER. I mean, doesn´t that sentence in itself already describe that there´s something seriously wrong with this?
I haven´t had birds for a very long time, and I don´t know my birds too well because I let them be birds, but even amateur-me can see that bird is angry and wants to be left alone!
Why does it seem to be so difficult for humans to visualize a situation? I´d like to place that owner in the sofa and then constantly annoy him with my index finger towards his face for a minute and then see how he´d feel about it.

Sadly, I´ll soon start to think people should pass some kind of test before they are allowed to have pets or even kids. These tests could be carried out by grumpy scientists or veterinaries, I would laugh out loud cause a part of the world would become a far more better place.
Luckily, most pets as well as children seem smart enough to find a way to live with their (idiotic) parents or caretakers.


jorg wobblington lopez said...

Isn't taking ownership of a bird and putting it in a cage one of the meanest things you can do to an animal?

Lotta said...

depends on what bird. if you take a bird from nature and put it into a cage, sure it´s one of the meanest things you can do.
if you take care of a bird that was born in captivity, one good thing you can do is to give it a bigger cage :) then that´s not really mean is it?

or, best thing you can do... buy a lot of caged birds and shoot them?

jorg wobblington lopez said...

I guess shooting them isn't so nice, and there are meaner things you can do, but why do we have birds in captivity in the first place? To make ourselves fell more powerful? For company? Sometimes I think I'm a bird.

Lotta said...

yep, one of humanity´s stupid ideas: let´s have pets cause it´s funny! let´s watch them in a cage, soo much fun...