Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally in Casa Guatemala

Hello. I am here now, on that other side of the planet, or the right side or what ever you want to call it. Had both an easy and hard time to get here, as my luggage got lost and my throat got sick and all such things.
Then I came to the volunteers house and was quite scared the first three days as I thought everything was kind of a disaster. My task here is to be the gym teacher and I have classes just like a regular teacher and kids who are both nice and not very nice.
In the evenings we have other activities with the children and all stuff I could write about just to bore you to death.
Anyway, I love the fact that there are cows walking around everywhere around my house. I love the fast that the monkeys and pigs are screaming at night. I love the fact that there can be terrible spiders hiding behind my bed and climbing over my legs at night when I dont know it. I love observing the other volunteers in the evening and just listening to people and what they have to say. I have stopped drinking coffee adn everything else. The food they serve at the orphanage are seen like allright or straight from hell. I belong to the allright-bunch. I just eat. Rice and beans, beans and rice, tortillas and overcooked vegetables.
You connect with some of the kids and others not much, I havent actually been that forward either, I let them come and talk to me if they want to, but I think they have seen so many volunteer people just coming and going and all wanting to be their best friend, so I thought Id give them a break.
I have thoughts about people in groups ans how I just cant stand groups. People in gropus become stupid and unreasonable. Kids in groups are not much better.

I wonder what I will write in one month, cause now there are just too many influences now at once, I cant really keep my head clear from anything.
Today will be the first beer in years it seems. I need it. The local beer is called Gallo. I fucking speak Spanish now.

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