Thursday, May 08, 2008

I met myself today

I talked to myself today. Well yes, she had another name and was seven years younger than me, but she could have been me.
It was kind of a young author who has just won a price. She has stopped planning and think that everything will come her way anyway, she was happy, calm and satisfied.
I got a strong intuition of just grabbing this little girl, look her in the eyes and say: NO! It won´t! Cause I saw myself seven years ago in that girl. I almost heard myself talking to myself seven years ago, happily 20-years-old with the world at my feet, writing poetry and happy in general. I said to her that I also stopped planning when I was 20, but I didn´t say that I also thought everything was going to come my way, but it didn´t. Cause things just don´t work that way. I kind of said now I am 27 and look at me. I wanted to look like a warning, maybe I was.
I said that I have been travelling and living randomly for many years now, I felt like I was in the same age as her and at the same time much older, it was so weird...
But I wanted to warn her! I wanted to tell her that life is so much harder than she will ever expect, at the same time I didn´t want to destroy her positivity, but I wanted to tell her to PLAN HER LIFE, plan and follow your own rules like there´s no other opportunity, I wanted to tell her to please follow her plans and don´t end up like me when you´re 27. Then I wanted to cry.


amyndra said...

i hear you. and i understand. and i'm ONLY (?) 22, like soon. hugs.

Lotta said...

Amyndra, maybe that girl is kind of like you, yes you´re very similar!
Can I be your part-time grandma?
I sure have a lot of... ehrm
life wisdom.

amyndra said...

haha :) well, i do PLAN things, at least more than her, but not as much as i used too. i think i'm sort of smart :D haha. but yes you can! hope to see you this summer!

Lotta said...

haha och slut på engelskan, mögspråk. hoppas på att få se dig också snart, jag åker ju bort igen till sommaren.

juan henri lopez said...

I think planning is overated. Did you know that planning too much causes you to poo cubes?