Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why Jesus?

When the muslims take over, they will shoot all gays and transvestites.
At the same time tens of nuclear plants will explode
and the Russians will find a red button that has been forgotten since Gorbatjov.
And the Kyoto protocol will be accidentally burned in Bush´s fireplace
and the ices in the south pole will melt from the heat and
the water at the coasts of Finland will rise several meters
tha bridges will collapse an in the fall take tens or twenty of wind-mills with them
Then Jesus will come and apologize he didn´t turn up earlier
but someone had put eco-bananas in the trombones
so the angels couldn´t blow
They were all alcoholics anyway.
Then Christian Morgenstern will rise from the dead and say:

Der Zwölf-Elf kam auf sein Problem
und sprach: Ich heiße unbequem.

I´ll still be playing accordion.


Jens Stenström said...

Because the followers of Jesus could make deals with the powers of Europe in his name..? Don't think third century Rome would have liked embrassing the love of drugs, sex and rock'n'roll.

Lotta said...

Third century Rome was a bathtube full of drugs, sex and Tuba terribilis.

juan henri lopez said...

Sprach... ha ha. You so crazy!