Thursday, January 31, 2008

This one saved my week

I´ve been playing instruments and stuff. Playing has always meant the ultimate sense of freedom for me, cause there´s no need for me to produce anything of value. Of course I want to do great music as well, but if I fail, it´s not the whole world. Nobody asks me things about music or expects me to know a shit about anything. I can just do what the heck I want and play with effects and shit as much as I want, cause I don´t even know of the do´s and dont´s. I don´t know what´s out and what´s not, which button to push or which small sign means what in the program. It´s exactly like me and photography, but when it comes to photography people expect me to know a hell lot of things cause I´m educated. I don´t know a shit about buttons and effects when it comes to photography as well, and I guess that´s nothing to be proud of. That´s called "failure" in one language and "artistic freedom to do what the hell you want" in another. I am constantly caught in between, like a sheep between the fences of all the endless interpretations of how to live a life in the world. Why is it that I never really know what it is that I want to do? My favourite situation is when you have no alternatives. Just one, shitty road to walk.
Anyway, you can listen to the first piece of musical weakness here.

But now I want a new one. I mean this is from 1988, can you imagine the sounds?

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