Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fall over, just fall over and retire, cause there´s nothing you can do to this spectacle of what ever is being played from who knows.
I just realized, I cant do much today. I have my thoughts somewhere very far from this place. Even more further from rental cars. RENTAL CARS! What the hell do I think I am doing? Do I actually think I have something to say about renting a car in let´s say Istanbul?
There´s just bubbling laughter hidden in every sentence of me now, and what ever I think it just seem silly. UNESCOS World Heritage List. Totally something completely worth laughing your head off at! You could find some old clothes and place it on the UNESCOS World Heritage List. You could place the gravestone of your buried hamster on the World Heritage List. Things get old every day, why is the old city more worth than some old plastic bunker in the suburbs? Everything seems unreal. I talked to the French girl in the kitchen, saying i am on my way to the capital of her country. She wasn´t impressed at all. What is up with people?

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