Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yes, in Finland we have this tradition (originated from Italy?) called Lucia, when a girl gets selected in a kind of "I'm a good Miss Finland"-selection way. And then she sings and looks pretty, spreads the light and what not.
This year there's a discussion about whether Lucia also could be a boy. Society thinks no, schools say no cause the tradition says Lucia must be a girl, well yes; blah blah. My opinion: well of course Lucia could be a guy, who cares? Honestly, if that is such a big deal, then I can find a thousand more things that are even a bigger deal. Like uneven wages for men and women with the same job, the percentage of women and men in the parlament, the percentage of female and male executives and so on. I would honestly rather discuss real problems instead of arguing about male of female Lucias.

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