Monday, May 17, 2010

Discovering Pine Bluff, Arkansas

This is Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The picture is a painting by Alan Wylie and according to the website I stole this picture from, the names of the old business firms and the mule drawn street cars are represented just as they were over 100 years ago.
There you go. But why?
Well, no good reason. I just watched the finale of America´s next top model and one of the finalists was from there, I checked it out for no reason at all, and somehow I got captured. I was somewhat amazed when I watched the town on Google Street view. The town looks sleepy and worn-out, it looks like a perfect ghost town, where the sun always shines and nothing happens. Yes, I go all romantic, but that´s just how I like it sometimes. It´s afternoon damn it, I have Google Street view and no deadlines.

At the website they go on;
"Today the Port of Pine Bluff located on the slackwater harbor of the Arkansas River has facilities for, barge loading and unloading, liquid & dry bulk storage, 25 & 50 ton cranes, harbor tow service, and overseas ports utilizing Lash and Seabee."

My level of English knowledge makes this very funny. A town located on the "slackwater harbor" sounds to me like the coolest and saddest thing ever. And how they go "badge loading and unloading" just make my day even better, imagining how they load and unload, load and unload.

This is downtown how it looks like today. I see empty streets (well yes, I am aware that the street view pictures are taken like at 4 am, but hey, anyway), a somewhat miss-placed sign and asphalt, asphalt, asphalt.

The TRAIN STATION in Pine Bluff. Dot.

Yep. Pine Bluff´s got that family thing going on too... but somehow everything in the US seems strange.

Eller varför ser husen i USA ut som fåniga replikationer av American Beauty-horror?

Last photo: Pine Bluff Title Co.


emptyflow said...

haha, great post.
I wanna move there, like, right now.

Lotta said...

haha, jag vill fara dit på besök. har pine bluffat mej i cirka 2 timmar nu. (verklighetsflykt, nää..) stan är helt fenomenal.

jorg wobblington lopez said...

Although we have never met, I have seen your pictures on facebook, and have listened to your music on Myspace. These are enough, I guess, to have dreamt about you (creepy) and the dream was a bout a shanty town just like this one! It must come across sub-consciously that you are like this sometimes. And so am I. There's nothing quite like a good shanty town.