Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Beware, cigarette coming up"

For the first time in my life I´ve got a job with no end. That means I don´t know when I´m going to quit, or even IF I´m going to quit, but that´s for another day to decide.
Anyway, I work as an assistant for blind people in a school. One of the tasks is to walk a 10 year-old girl to another school where she has religion-classes.
Walking with her to that school was one of the most exciting experiences I´ve had in a while. She noticed every tram that went by, she asked about unfamiliar sounds, she smelled a cigarette that someone was smoking on a balcony, and when smoking people was walking towards us, I said "Beware, cigarette coming up" and we laughed.
She told me about another girl that she knows and that "she smells like chocolate." She told one teacher has changed perfume...
It´s a new world, even for me. I couldn´t be happier to have gotten this job right now.

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