Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last day in Hotel Backpackers

Have been having a break for a while. One week of travelling like any other traveller around in Guatemala. Its something about me and travelling, I am never overwhelmed. I keep looking for things beyond the viewes. Theres something with only the names of those places; Lago Atitlan, Antigua, Monterrico... I guess fifty years ago these places were beautiful and calm, but now they are just full of US. Full of money, Americans, Australians and Europeans, which gives me a strange feeling I should just stay home instead.
Tomorrow I am heading back to the Orphanage in Rio Dulce for another two weeks. Guess I will be teaching arts and crafts as before, which I enjoy.
I have just started to think about what comes next already. Finland or Mexico? Music or freedom? I have no idea.

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