Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ourvision 2008

I.T.D from Somalia rockin it.

I went to Ourvision Song Contest 2008, which was a jolly and energetic event. Ten contestants from all over the world performed in Helsinki, and that is not seen every day. Congratulations to The Cultural Center Caisa!
Anyway I hope, that next year we will see more original songs and no Celine Dion and Alanis Morissette no more, please that has already been done!
I want to see a show where the Cubanos do a ballade performance and the sweet creamy female solo singers rock it with bongos on the dance-floor! Give me something to break my racial prejudices next time, please! I kind of already know that Cubans can dance salsa... Or am I just stupidly culturally disturbed and oversensitive now?
And what about those weird cosmetic sponsors and those ridiculously small money-awards? Please, make this a real and beautiful thing as it should be, not a giant colorful karaoke!

The beautiful Adi Subari.

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22:22 said...

I always thought that Cubans are more rumba people...