Sunday, February 03, 2008

How to become a loser

1. Get really speeded while being drunk and try to get everyone to be just like you
2. Be really depressed in between and act like you´re getting sick even if you´re not
3. If you don´t know what to say, complain
4. Never know what you want
5. Never know what feeling is real and what´s not
6. Make drastic moves without considering anything on forehand
7. Say out loud "now I know" and change your mind after ten minutes
8. Drive crazily straight through shops and markets with tomatoes, glass splitter, oil and shit flying right past your ears
9. Repeat what you say all the time, even if you´re talking nonsense
10. Make music that sounds like a catastrophe
11. While playing music, delete things you´ve spent hours on until there´s just a stupid voice and one tune left, as if that would be nice.
12. Write messages and meaningless things in your blog and then change them every hour cause you´re never happy, as if anyone cared
13. Take everything personally
14. Try to make everything as complicated as you can
15. Promise yourself things and then break every promise as fast as you can

How to become someone else, someone good

1. Don´t drink alcohol
2. If you drink alcohol, be yourself and be a happy drunkard
3. If you don´t know what to say, say "cucumber"
4. Think about what you want and smile while you´re thinking about it
5. Take your feelings seriously
6. If you change your mind, it´s still ok
7. When playing music, just play
8. When writing, talking or deciding things, don´t do random shit
9. Don´t take everything personally, or actually, I want to keep this. KEEP TAKING EVERYTHING BLOODY PERSONALLY if you are the type that can´t help doing so
10. Still, try to be uncomplicated. UNCOMPLICATED. What ever it might mean.

Some Finnish Beauty Contest participant in the train from Helsinki to Turku

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