Monday, January 14, 2008

Coincidences, or?

Life is strange. I think I am getting sick cause I got lost somewhere in between realities. Lost somewhere in between all these places and where it is that I should be. Cause during the last few weeks I surely have been living so many lives. I met an Ethiopian man in a bus who told me he had died many times in his life, so he´s not afraid anymore. He escaped from a concentrate camp when he was 13 and lived on the street for four years. One cannot do much else than just look at these people and sort of admire them. One feel so small next to these real survivors.

I spent new years eve with a bus driver and his family in Guatemala City. He somehow wanted to take care of me cause he had once been taken care of in the US as well.
This is how it goes. The good things you do to other people just keep on coming back to you. I am saying this like it´s something new and strange, but of course it´s not. It has just occurred SO OFTEN during these last few days that I have to point it out.

Imagine - you go by bus from point A to point B. On the bus there´s a shitload of people you don´t know and never will know, all with their individual stories. Imagine now that you actually get the opportunity to know someone, and in 12 hours you will know where that person has spent his last 11 years, what he is dreaming of, how his girlfriend´s house looks like and how much her mother likes dolls.
This is exactly what happened to me. I got to know a South Corean guy at the bus from Guatemala City to Puebla, and ended up spending the night with his girlfriend´s family. Also, they didn´t want me to spend a night on my own down in the dangerous downtown, and I am not the one who refuses to stay at people´s houses, as it is one of my biggest interests just to see how people are living.

What can I say? Not more than 2 weeks away from home and already been at two stranger´s homes.
This is life how I like it.

Me with Alan, the bus driver and his family in Guatemala City

Me in Puebla with the Corean guy Sang Yon and his Mexican girlfriend Veronica and sister

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