Monday, December 10, 2007

A bad teacher´s confession

Today I tried to be a teacher. I have some problems with that because I think everyone should do what they like. And I think talking during classes isn´t bad because then you´re an outgoing and social person, which is only a good thing when you grow older. I also encourage drawing instead of listening because that´s what I always did.
Nope, I shouldn´t be a teacher. Good to know.


pearlpearl said...

I only wonder why is schooling for beeing teacher 5 or 6 years long. And by the end there are coming out just few good of them. :).

Lotta said...

maybe you are BORn to be a teacher, or then not.

pia ( said...

Lotta! It's the concept of teachers that has to change! Not your choice of career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You go!

Anonymous said...

I think you sound like the perfect teacher! :)