Sunday, October 07, 2007

Internet is hell of a good thing when it works but when it doesn´t work it drives you nuts and insane, just makes you stare at the stupid "försök igen senare"- messages and push the button furiously ten times in a row, while giving it a manipulating look "nu satan fungerar du din helvetes pissröv", makes you want to throw the machine at the floor and torture it, jump on it and scream at it, as if it would help in some way, as if those bugs would jump out of the system with their hands on their neck while begging for mercy and promising never to cause any problems anymore. During the last week one problem has gone into another, like several different stupid problems with different possible solutions, and it´s driving me insane cause I have fucking business to do here! As you can see..

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pearlpearl said...

I recommend you to save money, a lot of money and then try with Apple...If you are not an "apple fan", Linux should satisfy you.:)