Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eiffel towers n hard boiled eggs

It rained all those days while I was in the mountains of Slovakia, stumbling around alone at some cloud-covered mountain tops.
Hell, that was the highlight of the trip! could go back any day...

But now; I am home! I am home I am home in Finland, and how I´ve longed for this!!
Now I have 4 days to spend in this pupa of well-being before I am off to Malmö, with another era of more or less chaos before me.

I got so tired of travelling, I couldn´t hardly believe it. After seing Heroe´s Square in Budapest, thinking so what´s the big deal about that, I realised it was time for me to retreat. It was time for me to let tourist attractions be what they are - tourist attractions and not attractions for me. I stopped looking up all the "must-sees" and spent the rest of my money in an English book-store and the rest of the time in parks. I was done with touristing. Europe´s largest synagogue - what ever. What´s the big deal anyway with herds of people wanting to see exactly the same thing? I never really understood that, the "value" of buildings etc. To me the Eiffel tower equals a hard boiled egg.

Gee, I´m PINK!

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