Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hello! I´m tired as hell so I have just put all the pictures worth to see in a row which is to represent the last few days.
My mother was visiting me here in Paris, as you can see from the pics. She´s hell of a climber, you can even see her climbing through the fence in Versailles. She´s hell of a coffee drinker too, and a wine drinker. Well, and a museum/church/whatever-old-and-worn-out - sponge. Now I ´m just so sick of tourism I want bury myself in a corner. I have never understood staying in line just to see some old farts, but my mother seem to understand it well better.
Well, now she´s going to take my dear ol´ computer back to Finland, while I am going to Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. All before the school begins in Malmö. Mr Wacky is coming, which can just mean one thing - crazy times are ahead. One can never expect anything.
See you later!

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