Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Third Reich remainings in Munich

So today I´ve cycled around in Munich with a couple of addresses of places where you can still see some remainings and ruins that date from the nazi period. What I found quite shook me in a weird way.


The Führerbau at Arcisstrasse 12. You can still see where the eagle and swastika was attached on the wall. Hitler´s office was in the room with those three windows just above the balcony.


Haus der Deutschen Kunst was built in the neo-classical Third Reich style during 1933-37, and is still today an art museum. You can see the swastika-motif mosaics in the ceiling panels.


Schellingstrasse 50, former Nazi Party offices. Headless nazi-eagle above the doorway, the swastica of course - removed.


Another former nazikvarter near Haus der deutschen Kunst.

There´s a website with even more of these kind of ruins from the whole of Germany. All of these pics and more there.


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hejhej! paris ja, jag flyttar också dit om några månader. väntar rastlöst. det kommer bli bra. vad har du för planer?
jo, har upptäckt att texten är liten i firefox. ska snart göra om sidan, så då blir det inga problem. :)

Younghusband said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. You must have gone the same time as me. I organised my pics into a site I use for my history classes; pretty useful when you teach in Peking, far from the places you talk about!

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bra start